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Leiah an emo/indie/post-hardcore band and the musical project of David Lehnberg based in Sweden from 1998-2004. David Lehnberg is also known in the emo scene with his solo project Ariel Kill Him. The band announced its split back in 2004 and changed line ups a couple of times, but now they are back with their fourth proper LP set for release in 2023. Their music is most tied to the mid/90s emo/core sound similar to bands like Appleseed Cast, Last Days of April, Starmarket, Pop Unknown, Mineral, etc


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January 13th, 2023

Sweden late 90s emo-core rockers Leiah return after almost 20 years of silence, with their fourth proper LP titled "Endless" set for release on January 13, 2023 via Thirty Something Records.

With "Endless", Leiah have made the album they always wanted to make but