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NOT is the brainchild of singer/ songwriter Davey Warsop, the LA based Brit known for fronting bands such as Beat Union, Suedehead and Sharp/Shock. Warsop met guitarist Brendan Scholz and bass player Jarred Cooper (both of las vegas’ Mercy Music) at a funeral, when their shared manager and So-Cal punk scene legend, Stewart Teggart tragically passed away. Through a shared love of pop punk pioneers ALL and Descendents, the trio pulled in Kyle Whitmore on drums and decided to make a record dedicated to Teggart. It seemed fitting as it was their late friend and mentor that made their lives cross paths to begin with.

Warsop and Scholz (both headstrong chief songwriters for their other musical projects, respectively) decided to combine forces exclusively for NOT, resulting in a powerhouse writing duo, like the pop-punk Lennon/ McCartney.

Their debut album “Stop the World” contains 14 hyperactive, caffeine fueled pop songs boasting hook after hook choruses about love and heartache whilst battling wild guitar solos and frantic bass energy.


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FeaturedStop The World
April 14th, 2023

What do you do when ALL stop making records? You form a band with your friends and make your own. NOT, the group consisting of members of Sharp / Shock and Mercy Music have announced their debut album “Stop The World”, due out Friday April 14th via Wiretap Records (US), Brassneck Records (UK) and