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Owen is a solo project of Mike Kinsella, and part of the Chicago, Illinois indie rock scene. Kinsella is one of the dominant and influential figures in the Chicago indie scene, having also led the band American Football and latest project LIES, and previously played in the a number or Chicago influential bands like Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, The One Up Downstairs, Owls, and Their / They're / There. Owen is known for its soft melodies, complex acoustics, combining lead acoustics with keyboard and other guitars, plaintive vocals and drums. It can be seen as a natural progression for Kinsella, from the progressive and experimental severity of Joan of Arc via the more melodic-progressive American Football.


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The Falls Of Sioux
April 26th, 2024

Owen, the solo project of Mike Kinsella (American Football) has just announced his new album titled "The Falls of Sioux", Co-produced by Sean Carey (Bon Iver) and Zach Hanson (Bon Iver, Low, Waxahatchee) and out April 26th, 2024 on Polyvinyl Record Co. As the solo vehicle for the widely

FeaturedThe Avalanche
June 19th, 2020

Polyvinyl Record Co. is excited to announce the forthcoming release of Owen’s The Avalanche, out June 19th. The new album is the latest entry in the long-running solo efforts of American Football’s Mike Kinsella, and with it, he delivers a set of Owen songs, recorded with producer Sean Carey (Bon