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SPACESHIPS are a Post-Gaze/Dream-Metal band from South Bend, Indiana. The band was originally formed in 2013 as a continuation of singer/guitarist Nat FitzGerald’s old solo project A Rocket Named Justice, but after recruiting additional members to play live, SPACESHIPS very quickly became a distinct project. Guitarist/keyboardist Ben Gooding originally joined as bassist, with Joel Sanchez joining on drums in 2015. Bret Wood joined on bass in 2018, with Gooding moving to guitar and keyboard. They have released three previous full-lengths: I am a Storm at Sea!!! (2013), Son of Man (2017), and Pillars (2020) as well as an EP, Tiny Fires (2019) and a split, Retrouvé with fellow South Bend post rock band analecta.


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March 24th, 2023

South Bend, Indiana-based post-gaze outfit SPACESHIPS is set to release their fourth full-length, Ruins, on March 24 via Friend Club Records. Recorded by lead vocalist/guitarist Nat FitzGerald with the other members individually throughout 2021 and 2022, Ruins is a collection of songs born out of