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Spotlights is the husband and wife duo of Mario Quintero (guitar, vocals, keys) and Sarah Quintero (bass, vocals), and Chris Enriquez (On The Might of Princes) on drums. The band has released three albums to date: Tidals (2016), Seismic (2018) and Love & Decay (2019). They're known for their dense distortion, spacey soundscapes, and unnervingly serene vocal transmissions directly from the heart. Combining elements of shoegaze, metal, doomgaze, post-rock, sludge and post-hardcore, Spotlights are gearing up for their 4th LP "Alchemy For The Dead" set for release spring of 2023.


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 Alchemy For The Dead
April 28th, 2023

Spotlights, the hypnotic trio featuring married couple Mario and Sarah Quintero with Chris Enriquez, will release their new album, Alchemy For The Dead, on April 28 via Ipecac Recordings.

The album, written and recorded following the band’s move to Pittsburgh, finds the trio once aga