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Steve Marino

Steve Marino, known for his work in various bands, debuts a new album, "Too Late To Start Again," a blend of pop rock influences with DIY charm. Teaming up with producer Ben Lumsdaine, Marino delivers catchy guitar-driven tracks reminiscent of Sheryl Crowe and Third Eye Blind, enriched by collaborations with skilled guitarists Matt Berry and Kora Puckett.

This album captures Marino's nostalgic love for music, offering tracks like "Got You In My World Now" and "Leaning Off The Sun" that exude vivid memories and introspective moments. Through harmonies and danceable rhythms, "Too Late To Start Again" showcases a shift in Marino's style while remaining authentic, reflecting his unwavering dedication to crafting compelling power-pop and alt-rock tunes.


image of Too Late To Start Again

Too Late To Start Again

July 28, 2023