Warn The Duke

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Brooklyn, NY punks Warn The Duke features former members of River City Rebels, Big D and The Kids Table, & The Toasters. They play the kind of melodic and anthemic punk rock that's heavily influenced by The Clash, The Replacements and Husker Du while also playing the brand of gritty sing-along punk and post-hardcore that bands like Hot Water Music perfected. They are signed to Wiretap Records and will release a new LP in March 2023.


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All That's Solid
March 17th, 2023

Brooklyn-based melodic punks Warn The Duke are back with a new album (their first in eight years) titled “All That’s Solid,” due out on Friday, March 17th via SoCal-based label Wiretap Records. Written on the heels of lockdowns, divorce, and addiction, the new LP is a window into the ebbs and flo