Autumn In The Water

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May 6th, 2022


ASkySoBlack will release their 2nd EP titled "Autumn In the Water" on April 20th, 2022 via New Morality Zine.

ASkySoBlack's debut release, 'What Is Yet to Come?' blossomed in Philadelphia in the fall of 2021, a melancholic blend of post-hardcore and emo which presented sounds as ground- breaking as they were, in turn, nostalgic. A true ode to the alternative sounds of the 90’s, ASkySoBlack take the mournful melody of essential artists, such as Hum, Smashing Pumpkins and Deftones, and infuse it with the chaotic aggression of 00’s emo figureheads, Glassjaw and At the Drive-In. By amassing over 60 thousand streams on their self-released debut, ASkySoBlack have proven themselves to be one of the hardworking bands in modern alternative music.

'Autumn in the Water’, the second-coming EP, is a 4-track post-hardcore lucid dream. Following shortly after the release of ‘What Is Yet to Come?’, ASkySoBlack returned to the studio, this time at Timber Studios with August Axcelson (Kaonashi) to further experiment with the sounds presented in their debut. The results of such efforts can be heard, and praised, throughout the EP. ‘Defacing You’ sounds at home next to the likes of fellow 90’s devotees Basement, Balance & Composure, and Superheaven whilst debut single, ‘See You Sacred’, could be a missing song from Thursday’s back catalog. Suffice to say, ASkySoBlack know how to stand apart from their contemporaries, they know when to expand on sounds and they know when to throw in twists. 

““Autumn In The Water” is a record about the inevitability of reaping what you sow as a person blighted by depression. Told through calling cards of post-hardcore and alternative rock, “Autumn In The Water” recognizes the futility of change in the face of harming those around you.” - Jordan Shteif (Guitar/Vocals)