With You In Spirit

Balance and Composure have returned with the announcement of their 4th LP titled "WIth You In Spirit" set for release on October 4, 2024 via acclaimed producer Will Yip's Memory Music. Said about the new LP, "With You In Spirit" is an arresting, atmospheric collection of melodic post-punk and towering rock. The new LP marks the band’s first full length album in eight years, following 2016's Light We Made, and represents a thrilling full-length comeback after their four-year hiatus. Featuring 10 brand new tracks, it thunders and stirs, dipping between beautiful, crystalline arrangements and punishing, earth-shaking climaxes; in between all, a gripping, near-physical tension crackles and growls and grooves, waiting to rip open. Vocalist and guitarist Jon Simmons approaches 'With You in Spirit' with intense self-reflection, examining and uprooting the very supports on which a life is built. Preemptive grief, wrestling with faith, familial responsibility and mortality were all weighing heavily while he wrote these lyrics. Musically, this record feels like Balance and Composure's true form––collectively, Simmons, lead guitarist Erik Petersen, guitarist Andy Slaymaker, bassist Matt Warner, and drummer Dennis Wilson are pulling from the best parts of themselves, exploring new depths while paying homage to where they've been, too. Will Yip's contribution on production, co-writing, and even releasing the record via his own label cannot be understated, either, and it also explains why the band refers to him as an unofficial 6th member of the band. "I truly believe that this is the best collection of Balance and Composure songs there's ever been," he says. "It has the heavy stuff, it has the fast stuff, it has the groovy stuff. It has everything they've worked on over the last 12 years." Sometimes, the record itself feels like a band grappling with its own avoidance, its own mortality, and deciding to face these things the only way they know how. Balance and Composure are with us in spirit, yes, but in the flesh, too, for now. “You’re not alone with laments,” Simmons calls in a long, airy phrase midway through the record, “and you don’t belong to the dead yet.” The band has also unleashed the lead off single "Cross To Bear" and a return to their darker more emo leaning roots, both atmospheric and brooding all at once, while having that classic Balance and Composure sound. Cross to Bear can be streamed below.

RIYL: Sunny Day Real Estate, Title Fight, Me Without You, Moving Mountains