Brittle BonesWolves Like Us

After nearly a 5 year hiatus, Oslo, Norway's Wolves Like Us return with the release of their fourth album, Brittle Bones, due out October 25th, 2019 via Pelagic Records. The first single titled "Stay Cold" from the forthcoming LP can be streamed below.

Forged in 2010, WOLVES LIKE US emerged out of the ashes of local punk/hardcore pioneers JR Ewing, Amulet, and Infidels Forever, among others. The band quickly made a name for themselves as a super-energetic live band within the local scene, blending equal parts Quicksand and Afghan Wings with their own idiosyncratic post-hardcore sound. 

The new album, demoed by Kvelertak's Bjarte Lund Rolland and mixed by Kowloon Walled City's Scott Evans, displays a more refined and dynamic wolf pack. "There was less tension this time; we almost didn't argue at all which is rare for us," relays drummer Jonas Thire. "A lot has happened to us at a personal level. Positives, like we all have kids now. But dark shit, too. There's been a divorce. [Vocalist/guitarist] Lars [Kristensen] has been really sick. He wrote the lyrics as a kind of diary to deal with issues like abuse, literally and figuratively."

 WOLVES LIKE US has been close allies with iconic post-hardcore band Planes Mistaken For Stars for years, whose singer Gared O'Donnell visited them in Oslo randomly that week when they were tracking vocals for Brittle Bones. O'Donnell ended up making his second guest vocal appearance for the band during these sessions.

 Lyrically, the thread that runs through Brittle Bones is the topic of honesty. "It's about dealing with demons in a real way, facing them and giving them the middle finger so to speak," notes Kristensen. "Brittle Bones is a juxtaposition of the calm and the raspy; comfort and disturbance; beauty and repulsion... for the essence of art can only be understood as equally disturbing the comfortable and comforting the disturbed."

Brittle Bones album artPurchaseOctober 25th, 2019