German alt-rock/grungegaze band Death By Gong are gearing up to release their debut LP titled "Descalator" on September 20, 2024 via Crazy Sane Records (Entropy, VELCROS). They are a relatively new band featuring Jobst M. Feit (RADARE), Peter Voigtmann (SHRVL / ex-THE OCEAN) and Chris Breuer (ZAHN, HEADS.) who pay homage to the heavier side of 90s grunge, space rock and shoegaze. Their new LP is driven by a tension of heavyness and vulnerability, fusing the epic sound of Failure or Torche with the soft vocal delivery and song craftsmanship of Elliot Smith, shoegaze guitar clouds in the vein of My Bloody Valentine or DIIV and synthetic textures that could have been penned by Geoff Barrow (Portishead, Beak). A sonic odyssey blending heaviness, vulnerability, and human decline in all its facets, the album was recorded by Peter Voigtmann at DIE MÜHLE in Gyhum and mixed as well as mastered by Joe Joaquin (SLUT, VAN HOLZEN, MUFF POTTER). The new album will contain 8 brand new tracks with 2 bonus tracks (previously released 'Distant' and 'Despair' not appearing on the regular LP, but available as a bonus 7-Inch with one of the album’s special editions! You can check out those singles below.