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Neckscars are a new outfit from Downstate New York that play a blend of rock and anthemic melodic punk with a gravelly vocal delivery similar to Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike and the like. The band spent 2020 recording ten fiery, anthemic tracks that make up their debut album, Don't Panic. Teaming up with Sell the Heart Records (US) and Engineer Records (UK), Neckscars will release Don't Panic on June 18th. 

In March of 2020, Neckscars entered Nada Studios in Montgomery, New York with Producer John Naclerio and Sean-Paul Pillsworth for their debut full-length recording. Ripping through 8 songs in just three days, the session came to halt in response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. The band returned in the fall to tie up loose ends and bring another two songs to the table. Completed with a mastering by Jesse Cannon, Neckscars will be releasing their 10 song debut album "Don’t Panic" in the summer of 2021.

Your first glimpse into the album is a track titled "Jarring" which is a fist-pumping number about improving your health. You can watch the music video for "Jarring" below. The song will be available on digital platforms on Friday, May 14th. In addition to the music video, both Sell the Heart Records (US) and Engineer Records (UK) have launched physical preorders for Don't Panic. 

FFO: Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Leatherface, Seaweed, Face to Face

Don't Panic album artPre-OrderJune 18th, 2021


Jason Gordon


May 7th, 2021

My buddy at Engineer Records turned me onto Neckscars, the same label that brought us Tired Radio (who I highly recommend checking out). Neckscars are the type of band that has the potential to blow up, especially once live music returns. Their new LP will definitely turn some heads. Driven by blistering guitar melodies, thundering bass lines, and a gruffy yet emotive vocal delivery, this is the type of fun anthemic punk rock and roll with pop hooks, meant to be cranked up to 11. These guys fit right in with the type of bands you'd see at The Fest (Gainesville, FL); songs that should be played live and loud to a packed in crowd with their firsts in the air. Melodic and gritty, poppy and energitc, dynamic and loud, Neckscars make songs that wouldn't be out of place alongside your favorite albums by Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Leatherface, Seaweed, Iron Chic, and more. Fans of all the greats from the mid/late 90s that introduced this sound to us, along with fans of more current bands like Menzingers and Spanish Love Songs, will all find something to love on this album.