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Fort Collins, Colorado's Gleemer have returned today to announce their new album, Down Through, due out May 8, 2020 via Other People Records. The band teamed with acclaimed producer/engineer Will Yip (Turnover, Code Orange, Turnstile) to record Down Through, expanding on their vibrant sound and creating their most accomplished work to date. To mark the announcement Gleemer have shared the album's first single "TTX" an impressive cut of shimmering guitars and warm vocals that builds from gentle fingerpicking to a sprawling conclusion. 

Down Through finds Gleemer reaching for new dynamic heights with their shoegaze-influenced sound. Vocalist/guitarist Corey Coffman, a successful producer/engineer in his own right, collaborated with Yip to hone the delicate balance between fuzz-drenched catharsis and somber atmospherics that defines Gleemer's music, bringing Coffman's melodies to the forefront along with Yip's signature powerhouse drums. The result is an album that dials up the weight of Gleemer's sound without sacrificing its essential dream-like qualities.

Coffman discussed the band's approach to making Down Through, saying:

"Gleemer has been a journey over the past few years where we’ve been maneuvering through our lives, tapping into our creativity, and finding inspiration in so much around us. Our lives brought us to Down Through. When you start creating music, you hope to one day reach that point in your career where you make THAT record, and Down Through might be that record. 'TTX' is the first of many showings of this journey, and we’re excited to finally share this music with our people."

Listen to TTX below, along with the 2nd single and title track "Down Through". Both of these songs deserve your attention.

Down Through album artPurchaseMay 8th, 2020


Andrew Martin

Their best one yet

April 18th, 2020

Gleemer have a style and sound that is truly their own, and on this record, they've refined their sound permanently. The songs are filled with the dynamics and intrigue that got me into them in the first place, the production is familiar and accessible.

Kudos to this band on this one, this record will be stuck in my head for many months to come.

Jason Gordon

Down Through anticipation continues to build...

April 17th, 2020

Based on the strength of these 2 new singles, this album is shaping up to be another incredible release by Gleemer. The production sounds huge, courtesy of Will Yip, and the hooks remain intact. Gleemer continue to expand their sonic landscape with dreamy melodic emotionally driven indie-rock, with elements of shoegaze, slow-core and mid-temp meloncholic indie-pop. I cannot wait to hear this album in full and look forward to sharing my thoughts on the full release. Do not sleep on this band or their new LP. Their label Other People Records continue to put out great stuff, with a lot of other great releases dropping later this year as well.

Andrew Martin

Yet again, another strong release.

April 10th, 2020

I have a strong feeling this album is going to be it for these guys. The producer is on point and the new single is incredible. Cannot be more proud to say this band came from Colorado.