Head Void

From Indian Lakes is excited to announce the new album Head Void, out May 15th. Head Void is the first new music from FIL in over half a decade, and if lead single “The Flow” is anything to go by, it was well worth the wait. The song is intoxicating in its immediacy, as if drawing one into an intense conversation midstream. A galloping drum groove pulls the listener along until a wave of synths and guitars crashes overhead and sweeps them fully away in an inescapable grasp. “It is about being stuck in a flow that’s unhealthy,” shares FIL mastermind Joe Vann, “one you need the help of your loved ones to pull you out of.”

Head Void was recorded at Vann’s newly finished home studio in California’s central valley just outside Yosemite National Park, and was mastered by Will Yip. “This session began a few years back in NYC as a jam based around the synth riff that is now blended with the guitars in the final mix,” shares Vann about “The Flow”. “At the time I was really into it, but couldn’t really shape and Vox melodies. Once I opened it again and started playing guitar over it, I started working out the Vox and it instantly became one of my favorite songs FIL has ever done. I knew it would have to be the first thing people hear on the new record.”

Check out the official video for the new single below.

RIYL: Mew, Valleyheart, Moving Mountains, Hrvrd