Free Fall

Following their debut 2022 LP, “Otherside”, Hollow Suns returns with the EP, “Free Fall” set for release on February 9, 2024 via Sunday Drive Records in the USA and Ice Grill$ in Japan. Tokyo band, Hollow Suns are no strangers to U.S. hardcore/punk and have always had elements of it in their music. For the most part, Hollow Suns pulled more from 90’s alternative rock bands like Foo Fighters or Jimmy Eat World; creating catchy guitar-hook-driven music. On “Free Fall” which is still present, however, Hollow Suns are diving more into the post-hardcore mix of things, pulling inspiration more from bands like Quicksand, Jawbox, and Helmet. This is a natural evolution in sound for Hollow Suns, which primarily shines on the title track, ‘Free Fall’; while a track like, ‘No Progression’ displays their talent for writing a perfect guitar alt-rock song. Like their previous LP, “Free Fall” is also mixed and mastered by Will Yip, which adds his signature touch on each of these songs, with artwork from Kyle Niland (Scheme Records) to present these songs with a nod to 90’s post-hardcore artwork. Check out the first single and closing track titled "All You Got" from the new EP to get a sneak preview of what's to come.