Hollow Suns

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Hollow Suns are an alternative rock band from Tokyo, Japan, and are no strangers to U.S. hardcore/punk. The band has always had elements of it in their music. For the most part, Hollow Suns pulled more from 90’s alternative rock bands like Foo Fighters or Jimmy Eat World; creating catchy guitar-hook-driven music, but more recently, they have been incorporating elements of post-hardcore drawing inspiration from bands like Jawbox, Quicksand, and the like. Their new EP will be released in February 2024 via Sunday Drive Records.


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FeaturedFree Fall
February 9th, 2024

Following their debut 2022 LP, “Otherside”, Hollow Suns returns with the EP, “Free Fall” set for release on February 9, 2024 via Sunday Drive Records in the USA and Ice Grill$ in Japan. Tokyo band, Hollow Suns are no strangers to U.S. hardcore/punk and have always had elements of it in their musi