The World Don't Owe You Anything

Australian rock powerhouse Luca Brasi have announced the upcoming release of a brand new album, 'The World Don't Owe You Anything' on September 29 via Cooking Vinyl Australia. They have also unveiled the album's title track and the accompanying music video, along with two subsequent singles from the new LP as well, which can call be streamed below.

Luca Brasi's signature sound is at the forefront of their latest single and title track, "The World Don't Owe You Anything". With powerful riffs, driving drums, and the unmistakably heartfelt vocals of frontman Tyler Richardson, that you know will be screamed back at him during their live shows by legions of loyal fans around Australia.

The track is both an introspective look at self-worth and a fist-pumping missive of determination and strength. “If I’ve already sung all the good words I have left, what good am I to anyone?” Richardson asks; a question immediately answered emphatically by the song’s chorus – “THE WORLD DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING.”

"When I started mapping out the songs on this record lyrically, I noticed a recurring theme of a guy who was kinda grappling with the fear of losing everything he had fought so hard for." Richardson elaborates, "In those moments of doubt, it's easy to feel like the world has let you down. But I've come to realize that everything I've ever achieved in life has been the result of working my arse off. It's a reminder that when you get low, you have to pull yourself up because the world ain't gonna do it for you. The world don't owe you anything."

Their upcoming LP follows 2021’s Everything Is Tenuous, which displayed a more matured, slowed down reflection on love, growing up, and getting older. Now, with The World Don’t Owe You Anything, the group’s sixth studio album, Luca Brasi gives us everything they’ve got across the 11 new tracks featured on the album. The riffs are desperate, fast, and are aching to be heard. The songwriting takes us on a journey of introspection and self-reflection and throws it up against a bombastic, urgent backing track that harkens back to the group’s salad days. The result is a collection of songs that beg the sky-flung fists and beer showers of band rooms across the country to come with it.

Engineered by the group’s own Pat Marshall and produced by the band in collaboration with Ben Stewart at the esteemed facilities of Pudding’s House of Flavour and Banana Pig Studios, The World Don’t Owe You Anything is that rare gem of a band fully embracing every piece of who they are and where they’ve come from to form something that feels newer, more vital, and more vibrant than ever.