Eternal Ring

Los Angeles, CA shoegazing fuzz pop alt-rockers Milly are gearing up to release their Dangerbird Records debut full length LP titled "Eternal Ring" set for release on September 30, 2022. The album was produced by Corey Coffman and features 9 new tracks, including the previously released first single "Illuminate" and newly released single "Nullify". Although a fairly new project and with 2 outstanding Eps already under their belt, Milly perfectly melds together elements of classic shoegaze, slowcore, emo and lo-fi indie rock/pop, that harkens back to some of the great melodic and distortion driven alt-rock and indie bands of the 90s; bands like Hum, Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate, Swerverdriver, Dinosaur Jr, Sparklehorse, Promise Ring, and the like. There is definitely a resurgence of newer bands pulling from this era of music, and I'm all for it. Bands like Gleemer, Narrow Head, Nothing, Downward, Teenage Wrist and many others are all making a name for themselves, but it's Milly who are about to make their mark with their debut LP. Don't sleep on this band and be sure to check out the singles below, while clicking the pre-order link.

Reviews of Eternal Ring on Release Wave

Milly ready debut full length LP for Dangerbird

The debut LP from Milly titled "Eternal Ring" is one of my most highly anticipated albums of 2022. Pulling from all things 90s indie/emo/shoegaze, this band is right in my wheelhouse, drawing inspiration from many of my favorite bands as mentioned in my write up above. The band just re-issued their first 2 EPs as a full length, and I highly recommend starting there. From there, check out the new singles "Illuminate" and "Nullify" and you'll see how Milly continue to progress their sound, with bigger production, bigger hooks and even catchier melodies. Based on the 2 new singles, this album is shaping up to be one of the more exciting releases of the year. Fans of Gleemer, Ridgeway, Narrow Head, Ovlov and earlier "Peripheral Vision" era Turnover should check this out right away!

Jason Gordon on Thursday, June 23, 2022

If the songs that came before it were any indication

I've been following this band for awhile now and am always intrigued by their sound that is at one moment reminiscent of early 90's alternative and also modern emo bands like Turnover, Downward, and (maybe super obvious), Gleemer. This LP promises to be on repeat for months to come. August can't come soon enough!

Andrew Martin on Thursday, June 23, 2022