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MILLY is a Los Angeles-based fuzz-pop and shoegaze band with a smooth and impassioned sound led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Brendan Dyer. Their music is inspired by 90s indie rock, drawing comparisons to bands like Hum, Dinosaur Jr, and Sunny Day Real Estate. The band's emphasis on heavy guitars, big melodies, and hooks sets them apart in the alternative rock scene.

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Milly Share New Single "Spilling Ink" from Forthcoming LP

MILLY have shared the second preview off their new album Your Own Becoming (out June 28th via Dangerbird Records). “Spilling Ink” rips through its two-minute runtime with a searing riff and heartfelt chorus. The fastest-paced song that they’ve ever made, principal songwriter Brendan Dyer shares “We were trying to write the fastest song we have to date. A lot of the lyrics on this record were written on my daily walks to and from work into my phone. I live in a relatively suburban area of Los Angeles that reminds me of the East Coast where I grew up and so it only felt appropriate to sing about Picket Fenced yards. It's a sad song - there are feelings of the forgotten past, seasons changing, connecting patterns, and pulling through in silence. Just another 'keep on pushing' type of song.” Watch the video for Spilling Ink below.

Friday, May 17, 2024 at 12:39 am


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Your Own Becoming

June 28, 2024
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September 30, 2022