Violent Picture / Violent Sound

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January 20th, 2023


Baltimore alternative grunge-gaze rockers Dosser are gearing up to release their debut LP titled "Violent Picture / Violent Sound" on January 20, 2023 via Really Rad Records. The new LP follows their 2021 debut EP "Brainscan", and while "Brainscan" was just scratching the surface of what Dosser was capable of, the songs on their debut LP are extremely elevated in terms of songwriting and production value. On "Violent Picture / Violent Sound", Dosser hearken back to the core of what made 90s guitar rock such a compelling force. Thick distortion, big riffs, razor-sharp melodies and pop sensibility, the new album contains 10 big sounding rock anthems that wouldn't sound out of place next to your early Foo Fighters, Dinosaur Jr or Sugar records. In the past couple of years, there's been a big resurgence of bands combining 90s alt rock, grunge, shoegaze and guitar focused indie rock with big pop sensibility, while some doing it much better than others. With Dosser's new LP, the band shows a new level of confidence in their song writing and is clearly ready to be heard by a larger audience. Check out the first three singles released below, and don't be surprised if their new material doesn't put them directly in the conversation with bands like Narrow Head, Basement, Nothing, Soul Blind, Teenage Wrist, and the like.