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Here are a few highlights of some upcoming releases featured on RELEASE WAVE.

Exciting news from Webbed Wing out of Philly! Their third album, "Vol. III" is now available, promising a blend of modern guitar fueled power pop, post-grunge, and even some alt-country vibes influenced by The Lemonheads and Teenage Fanclub and sure to please fans of Pile of Love, Superheaven, and Glitterer.

Next up, Sydney's fierce hardcore outfit, Speed, have unleashed their debut LP "ONLY ONE MODE" via Flatspot Records and Last Ride Records, delivering hardcore intensity with jolting grooves, tough vocals, pummeling breakdowns, and big hooks. This new album will ignite the mosh pit, crowd kills, and two-stepping like no other!

Get ready for the eclectic sounds of Aussie duo Armlock, dropping their album "Seashell Angel Lucky Charm" in July, exploring a mix of guitar pop and indietronica reminiscent of bands like Pinback and Death Cab for Cutie.

Long Island's emo pop band Macseal just released their second album, "Permanent Repeat" blending indie/emo and 90s / early 2000s alt-pop rock influences for fans of 5th wave emo revival bands Charmer and Oso Oso along with 90s indie/emo bands like The Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World.

MILLY's album, "Your Own Becoming", which dropped in late June, promises grungy fuzzed out slacker pop with a cathartic collection of tracks exploring dark thoughts and explosive energy.

And last but not least, brace yourself for the debut LP "Let Them Smell Their Flowers" by A Modest Proposal! This explosive release blends melodic post-hardcore with elements of emo revival, and post-grunge, delivering a powerful musical punch giving off major Title Fight vibes. RIYL: Title Fight, Sunny Day Real Estate, Deftones, Balance & Composure

Exciting times ahead with all these amazing releases—make sure you don't miss out!

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Upcoming Releases

image of With You In Spirit

With You In Spirit

October 4, 2024
image of Rack


September 13, 2024
image of Home In Another Life

Home In Another Life

August 30, 2024
image of Spoonbender


August 23, 2024
image of God Looks Out For Fools

God Looks Out For Fools

August 16, 2024
image of analysis paralysis

analysis paralysis

August 9, 2024
image of Strange Desires

Strange Desires

July 19, 2024
image of Descalator


September 20, 2024
image of Feels Like The Very First Two Times

Feels Like The Very First Two Times

September 6, 2024
image of Dharmakāya


August 30, 2024
image of Holy Spirit Gang

Holy Spirit Gang

August 23, 2024
image of Disaster Trick

Disaster Trick

August 16, 2024
image of Before I Die

Before I Die

August 2, 2024
image of Vol. III

Vol. III

July 12, 2024
image of Devourer


September 13, 2024
image of I’ll Drown On This Earth

I’ll Drown On This Earth

August 30, 2024
image of Suburban Eyes

Suburban Eyes

August 30, 2024
image of Persona


August 16, 2024
image of Stay Golden

Stay Golden

August 16, 2024
image of There Goes The Dream

There Goes The Dream

July 26, 2024