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Here are a few highlights of some upcoming releases featured on RELEASE WAVE.

Get ready to be swept away by the long-awaited return of Bats & Mice with their LP "P.S. Seriously" dropping on May 31, 2024, courtesy of Lovitt Records. Their blend of angular indie/emo and hardcore roots with dark melodies promises an energetic drive that harkens back to bands like Pinback, Fugazi, Sparta and Denali.

Prepare to be enchanted by the dreamy sounds of Broken Head as they unveil their debut LP "Morning Ends" on May 31, 2024, under Sunday Drive Records. Drawing inspiration from '90s alternative rock and shoegaze, their album offers intricate production and captivating melodies that will transport you.

Embrace the ambitious musical journey of Brooklyn shoegazers DIIV with their fourth album, "Frog in Boiling Water," produced by Chris Coady. This album represents a deeper exploration of dream-pop and fuzzed out space-rock, promising a lyrical and musical depth that will resonate with listeners.

Melodic pop punk rockers Modern Shakes have released their debut full-length album, "A Bolt From The Blue." Influenced by bands like Hot Water Music and Banner Pilot, their emotionally charged melodic punk rock promises heartfelt lyrics woven into infectious anthemic tracks that will captivate fans of the genre.

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Upcoming Releases

image of With You In Spirit

With You In Spirit

October 4, 2024
image of Persona


August 16, 2024
image of analysis paralysis

analysis paralysis

August 9, 2024
image of Vol. III

Vol. III

July 12, 2024
image of take i lovely you

take i lovely you

July 5, 2024
image of Strut of Kings

Strut of Kings

June 28, 2024
image of What's Left Unsaid

What's Left Unsaid

June 21, 2024
image of Descalator


September 20, 2024
image of Disaster Trick

Disaster Trick

August 16, 2024
image of There Goes The Dream

There Goes The Dream

July 26, 2024
image of Permanent Repeat

Permanent Repeat

July 12, 2024
image of Your Own Becoming

Your Own Becoming

June 28, 2024
image of I Want to Disappear

I Want to Disappear

June 21, 2024
image of Forget Me Nots

Forget Me Nots

June 21, 2024
image of Dharmakāya


August 30, 2024
image of God Looks Out For Fools

God Looks Out For Fools

August 16, 2024
image of Strange Desires

Strange Desires

July 19, 2024
image of ONLY ONE MODE


July 12, 2024
image of Acts of Harm

Acts of Harm

June 28, 2024
image of Gravity


June 21, 2024