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MILLY's second album, "Your Own Becoming," is a powerful collection that showcases the band's evolution and introspection with their fuzzed out alternative / slacker rock meets grungy yet hook-filled slowcore sound. Produced by Sonny DiPerri, the album will be released on June 28, 2024, via Dangerbird Records.

Hard Chiller, a new project featuring members of RX Bandits, From Indian Lakes, and No Motiv will drop their debut EP, "Heavy Cell," on June 28, 2024, through Born Losers Records. Expect a dreamy and heavy alt-rock sound that blends the best of the '90s with a modern twist, while still taking inspiration from their past projects.

Muted Color's debut LP, "take i lovely you," releasing on July 5, 2024 via Fever Ltd will sweep you away with its melodic layers of guitars and dreamy melodic hooks. These Chicago rockers craft a perfect blend of jangly dream-pop, shoegaze and brit-pop on their debut LP.

The Story So Far's new album, "I Want To Disappear," was released on June 21 via Pure Noise Records and is a summer pop punk album meant to crank through your car stereo with the windows down. With producer Jon Markson at the helm, the band continues to deliver their signature vulnerability and defiance through 10 memorable tracks.

The Dangerous Summer from Baltimore released "Gravity" on June 21, 2024, via Rude Records. Dive into their emotionally charged alternative rock sound that's both anthemic and introspective that is sure to please both old and new fans of the band along with fans of bands like Jimmy Eat World, Kings of Leon, The Early November and the like.

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Upcoming Releases

image of With You In Spirit

With You In Spirit

October 4, 2024
image of Rack


September 13, 2024
image of Home In Another Life

Home In Another Life

August 30, 2024
image of Spoonbender


August 23, 2024
image of God Looks Out For Fools

God Looks Out For Fools

August 16, 2024
image of analysis paralysis

analysis paralysis

August 9, 2024
image of Strange Desires

Strange Desires

July 19, 2024
image of Descalator


September 20, 2024
image of Feels Like The Very First Two Times

Feels Like The Very First Two Times

September 6, 2024
image of Dharmakāya


August 30, 2024
image of Holy Spirit Gang

Holy Spirit Gang

August 23, 2024
image of Disaster Trick

Disaster Trick

August 16, 2024
image of Before I Die

Before I Die

August 2, 2024
image of Vol. III

Vol. III

July 12, 2024
image of Devourer


September 13, 2024
image of I’ll Drown On This Earth

I’ll Drown On This Earth

August 30, 2024
image of Suburban Eyes

Suburban Eyes

August 30, 2024
image of Persona


August 16, 2024
image of Stay Golden

Stay Golden

August 16, 2024
image of There Goes The Dream

There Goes The Dream

July 26, 2024